First Blog Part 1 of Explanation

This is my first blog on my new website. I just wanted to welcome everyone and anyone to my website and hope that you guys have a good time. This blog will be about the BTS comeback. I love the message of the music video BTS are trying to convey across. I believe, they try to show, just by the title Idol, that they are idols/celebrities with people looking up to them. With this comes them being in the spotlight all the time and always being judged by fans and haters, they believe they have to do no wrong because they are idols. In the teaser we see Jungkook cough and smile, this could show that he is trying to get our attention but straight after that there is a screen change and the sky starts to shake this could mean they are trying to break down what it means to be an idol, being perfect. At first look I thought the teaser was showing them being controlled like puppets, just like being an idol means being controlled by what the fans want and what the industry is telling them to do and be more or less like.

They really did an amazing job with this comeback, sad it’s the last love yourself comeback ever though.

Thank you for reading I will write another part of this tomorrow.

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